Roberta Gottardo

Italian speaking psychologist in Melbourne

Consultant psychologist, EMDR therapist, relationship and family psychotherapist.
I am an Italian speaking psychologist in Melbourne.
I provide counselling in Italian and in English.

Psychological Services

I provide counselling for adults, children, families and couples
to assist them with a range of psychological issues
I provide counselling for adults, children, families and couples to assist them with a range of psychological issues


D. Psych. – M. Psych. – M.A.P.S.

I am a consultant psychologist and a psychotherapist registered with the Psychologists Board of Friuli Venezia Giulia (Italy) and with the Psychology Board of Australia. I am also a member of the Australian Psychological Society (APS).

I have over 15 years experience working in the mental health field. My earlier jobs involved working in Community Mental Health Services in Italy and I am also experienced as a Youth and Aged-care coordinator and disability worker.

I have continued to develop my skills in psychology and pursued interests in the areas of cross-cultural counselling, offering psychological support to the Italian community in Melbourne.

I am a trained relationship and family psychotherapist and have worked with families and youth in the areas of relationship issues, parenting skills training and eating disorders.

I work extensively with adults, youth, couples and families and, along with Cognitive Behavioural strategies, I use a variety of therapeutic modalities such as Interpersonal Therapy, Family Therapy and Family based interventions (systemic, structural), as I strive to meet the individual needs of my clients.

I am a non-judgmental, ethical, supportive and sensitive therapist who provides counselling in English and Italian.

How I Can Help You

Psychological therapy can help you to overcome challenges and enhance your life

Individual Therapy

The ways that individual therapy is implemented varies widely depending upon the psychological problem experienced by the client and his individual needs. For this purpose, I provide a tailored intervention for each client and I help you to achieve the desired therapeutic goals and to make suitable choices.

The main objective of individual counselling is to bring a voluntary change in the client. With Individuals, Cognitive Behaviour Therapy can be very effective with a range of mental health issues like anxiety ,depression and panic attack.

This therapy aims to help the client to change unhealthy and unhelpful habits of thinking, feeling and behaving.

Family Therapy

In Italy, I undertook extensive training in Systemic and Relationship Family Therapy. For this reason, I am highly skilled in assisting families who are experiencing conflict.

Family systemic therapy is used to treat many mental and behavioural health concerns. In general, it may be considered an effective approach for those concerns which appear to relate to or manifest within the family of origin.

I will help you to point out the family interaction patterns that the families may not have noticed and I will suggest different ways of interacting.

Child Therapy

I work in collaboration with Giovanna Barulli a trained Psychodynamic Psychotherapist and Counsellor.

Giovanna has expertise in children’s therapy, particularly with children with anxiety issues, and behavioural and emotional problems. She believes that all the events in childhood have a significant influence on adult lives.

Events that occur in childhood can remain in the unconscious and cause problems as adults. Symptoms are frequently a manifestation of a more complex internal issue.

Giovanna uses different therapeutic approaches, such as Cognitive behavioural therapy, Psychodynamic therapy, Parent-child interaction therapy, Parent coaching and Child-Centered play therapy.

Couple Therapy

I use different models and approaches to help couples (Systemic therapy, Imago Dialogues, Schema therapy). 
I work not only with couples so-called “in crisis”, but also couples who decide to get to get to know each other better in preparation for marriage or other critical future events.

My therapeutic model will help you build a stronger and healthier bond.
I will provide a safe space where each member can feel heard and supported through the necessary changes in their relationship and I guide each member to work on the past in order to heal the couple.
This deep understanding can help build a bridge between you and your partner.

I encourage you to purchase the E-book I wrote before starting the couple therapy.

The E-book will clarify the therapeutic models I use and help you understand whether I am the right fit for you and your partner. 

As a result, your couple therapy success rate will rise if you read this book before commencing therapy.

The cost of this downloadable book is $15 AUD (10 Euro).
As soon as you place your order, you’ll receive an email with a link to download the book.
You’ll be able to access it immediately!


Eye movement desensitisation and reprocessing therapy

EMDR is a therapy designed to assist clients to reduce emotional distress from past traumatic events or threatening life experiences, including rape, sexual assault, domestic violence, natural disaster, motor vehicle accidents and witnessing an unexpected or violent death. Bilateral eye movements produce a distinctive pattern of electrical activity in the brain, which appears to result in a change to the trauma memory.

EMDR therapy helps the client to access the traumatic memory network and process the information in a more adaptive way to reduce or eliminate the emotional distress by creating an adaptive integration of those memories into the neural networks.


I am available from Mondays to Saturdays and after-hours bookings can be arranged. I welcome all new referrals and requests. Clients may be eligible for a Mental Health Care Plan on referral from their GP, so that they can claim the Medicare Rebate.

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